Streamlytics Continues Rapid Growth, Surpassing 150 Million Data Points

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  • June 17, 2021
Streamlytics 150,000,000 data points processed

The ethical data company doubled growth in the 2nd quarter of 2021 making it the largest 1st party data provider of African American cross platform activity 

Miami, FL – Streamlytics announced today a major growth milestone, as the company surpassed more than 150 million data points; more than doubling in growth since crossing it’s last milestone of 75MM data points in March 2021. By partnering with consumers across the nation, the company gained unparalleled access to audiences and shoppers’ content consumption and purchasing patterns across Netflix, Google, Amazon and more.

Streamlytics’ impressive growth over the past year is largely due to the expansion of adding platforms like Apple, Uber, Uber Eats, Postmates, and others. It’s patent-pending data standard, Universal Data Interchange Format (UDIF), powers the unification of cross platform data sources and formats into a single unified data format. Streamlytics leads the industry in consumer data unification which is increasingly valuable as companies look to navigate away from 3rd party data solutions and integrate ethical first party data across corporate strategy, product innovation, artificial intelligence, marketing and more.

The company has unmatched insight into the decisions that consumers are making across platforms. For example, the data signals are not limited to purchase and content consumption, the breadth of the activity spans fitness, health and universal mobility. 

“This is an important time for brands that are looking to achieve sustainable growth over the next 5+ years. The current, and archaic, standard across many industries is to use 2nd or 3rd party assumptive data based upon cookies or affinities which has a high margin of error, causing an enormous amount of waste in financial resources for companies looking to grow revenue,” said Arisha Smith, Chief Revenue Officer at Streamlytics. “At Streamlytics we provide clear, accurate, full spectrum data, providing the true picture of a coveted consumer group’s activity across their digital footprint.”

“Since our inception, Streamlytics’ mission has been to disrupt the deceptive data collection processes that have become commonplace in many tech companies. Prioritizing transparency and ethics has led us to see tremendous growth, evidenced in this latest milestone,” said Angela Benton, Founder and CEO of Streamlytics. “Because of this, forward thinking companies are eager to partner with us and integrate our data stream across their organization and we are excited to lead the way.” 

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Streamlytics provides ethical, people powered data, from today’s fastest growing communities across the United States spanning millions of data points. With Streamlytics, we unlock the power of actual usage data, reflective of how people create data today… across all types of platforms, simultaneously. Not by rigid panels or unethical tracking.
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