Streamlytics Continues Rapid Ascent, Reaching Half a Billion Data Points Processed

  • Streamlytics Comms
  • September 9, 2021

The ethical data company doubled its growth in just over a month since announcing its 250 million data point milestone, bringing it closer to providing an alternative to traditional data mining techniques by unifying disparate data from today’s fastest growing communities. 

MIAMI, FL, Sept. 7, 2021 — via InvestorWire — Streamlytics, the largest first-party data provider of African American cross-platform activity, today announces another major growth milestone as it crossed half a billion data points processed from the world’s largest platforms (Netflix, Apple, YouTube, Amazon and Hulu) — more than doubling its growth since crossing its last milestone of 250 million data points in late July 2021.

Streamlytics began the year with only 58 million data points. Streamlytics processed 162MM data points in August, up from 152MM data points processed in July. The company has since  achieved a 205% quarterly growth rate of data during Q3 2021.This data growth allows Streamlytics to provide “small and wide data” to many of the companies in its sales pipeline, including Fortune 500 organizations.

“We’re extremely excited to have reached a new benchmark and get to half a billion data points. Since our inception, Streamlytics’ mission has been to disrupt the deceptive data collection processes that have become so commonplace in many tech companies,” said Angela Benton, Founder and CEO of Streamlytics.

“Our continued growth is a critical signal to the industry and to the world at large that we are putting humanity back into data, allowing everyday people to benefit from owning their data that has, until now, been exploited for far too long,” she added.

Streamlytics has become the leader in a new category called community-driven data. It provides ethical, people-powered data from today’s fastest-growing communities across the United States, spanning millions of data points. Streamlytics unlocks the power of actual usage data, reflective of how people create data today — across all types of platforms, simultaneously. Not by rigid panels or unethical tracking. Streamlytics provides an alternative by delivering accuracy and depth of customer information that can be used to sustainably impact their bottom line. 

As a privately held data intelligence company, Streamlytics sources insights directly from consumer data feeds. It uses a privacy-first approach to building technology that enables Consumer-to-Business data transactions. With Streamlytics, they are unlocking the power of actual usage data from diverse communities across the United States and doing so in an ethical manner.

Streamlytics uses its patent pending UDIF technology to unify disparate data on what people are watching, listening to, and purchasing across some of the largest content and ecommerce platforms. Consumers are compensated for data they share on an ongoing basis and hold a unique data license that gives them ownership over their data.

About Streamlytics

Streamlytics unifies consumer data from today’s fastest growing communities across popular platforms spanning over half a billion data points. We ethically unlock the power of actual usage data (directly from the source) and help companies grow by enhancing their 1st-party data strategy across sales, marketing, product, and artificial intelligence. To learn more, visit